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Missing Credentials in Dropdown for Jenkins Build Configuration


Recently I updated my Jenkins installation including all of the plugins. One of them must have brought somewhat breaking changes because when I tried to create a new build configuration for a new old project of mine, I could not select the proper credentials in the dropdown. I only had the option to add new ones even though I had added the corresponding credentials in the global scope (as per usual), so they must have been visible across the entire Jenkins instance. None of them were showing up. And even when I tried adding new ones through the build configuration page, they ended up not being active / selected either.

When I went back to check with an existing build configuration I had configured over a year before, I could confirm the same behavior. For build parameters the credentials dropdowns were empty and for the VCS credentials it said

Cannot find any credentials with id <ID>

I spent a couple of hours looking for solutions and I did find some cases that popped up around 1 or 2 years ago, but nothing that fit this exact scenario. My suspicion was that this might be a bug, so I tried rolling back the SSH credentials and credentials plugins to the previous versions, but that did not fix anything.

I decided to wait for a week in the hopes of potential bug fix releases to come out for either some of the plugins or Jenkins itself, but a week later in spite of a couple of updates here and there, nothing about the problem had changed.

And then I found a comment in the discussion thread of a GitHub issue of the "GitHub Pull Request Builder Plugin" (which I am not even using). In it, the following solution was proposed:

  1. Navigate to "Jenkins" (main menu) => "Manage Jenkins" => "Configure Global Security"
  2. Go to the "Access Controls for Builds" section
  3. Under "Project default Build Authorization" check if the "Strategy" is set to "Run as anonymous" (which was the case for me)
  4. If yes, try changing it to "Run as User who Triggered Build" (it might also work with another setting if that suits you better)
  5. Save and reload the build configuration settings

That was it! The credentials showed up again and I could execute the build successfully.

I know this seems to be a niche problem and there might only be a handful of people that have encountered the same issue, but I hope it was helpful nonetheless.

Thank you for reading!


PDFCreator and (Adware!)


If you have recently encountered a weird behavior within your browser (I only know of Firefox because that's what I use), chances are that Adware has been installed onto your computer.

When I was looking for a picture on my own website and I mistyped the URL, I noticed that immediately after it showed me my custom 404 page, I was redirected to a domain called The URL was:[404URL]&type=404&ISN=[funkystring32]&ccv=130&cnid=302398&cco=US&ct=12

with [404URL] as the wrong URL. [funkystring32] seemed to be some kind of MD5 string (32 characters, 0-9, A-F), maybe a unique identifier.

After searching the internet for a couple of minutes, I read a thread on the official Avira forums. In it it was explained that PDFCreator comes with an Adware called "Search Settings Plugin" that installs and enables itself in Firefox. Luckily, being a normal addon, the problem was quickly solved from there: Tools => AddOns => Extensions => Search Settings Plugin => Uninstall/Disable.

I can only shake my head at things like this.

There has also been discussion on the official pdfforge (PDFCreator) forums about this:

Thanks to the people at the official Avira forums! Oh, and nevertheless, in all honesty: thanks to pdfforge for providing such a nice tool. I have the feeling it's gonna be of great help to me in the future 🙂